The Franklin MBA Program in Macedonia lasts less than two years. It consists of 10 mandatory courses encompassing 480 hours in a variety of subjects. Each module lasts 8 weeks and the face-to-face classes are held at the Faculty of Economics - Prilep on two consecutive weekends, within the 8 weeks.

Additionally, each participant should dedicate 12 to 15 hours per week to prepare for the classes. The days and times of online consultations vary according to each individual instructor.

With the form of classes used in Franklin MBA, students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills:

  • Lectures – given by outstanding scientists from Franklin University
  • Practical classes – with the interactive form they provide for an exchange of experience and skills acquired in professional life
  • Workshops – application of acquired knowledge to solve real business problems.

Faculty of Economics – Prilep
Franklin University MBA Office
Tel.: +389 70 277 074