SERBE is a peer reviewed academic journal published by the Faculty of Economics-Prilep, University “St. Kliment Ohridski”-Bitola, Macedonia. It has been founded on the rich academic and publishing heritage, including the Yearbook of the Faculty of Economics-Prilep and Proceedings from a number of international conferences. Based on this tradition, our intention is to publish original papers which have not been previously published or submitted for reviewing to other journals.

The process of transition and the subsequent post-transitional development in Southeast Europe have engendered peculiar socio-economic phenomena that deserve comprehensive and systematic analysis. In addition, the global recession and its consequences has brought into question the validity of the existing paradigm and imposed need for applying alternative methodological approaches. In this context, the economics and other social sciences have faced challenging task for exploring the newly created complex social reality. The motivation for this journal arises from the necessity of solutions to actual business and economic problems by upgrading the existing theoretical framework and using a wide arsenal of alternative research techniques.

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